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Developing Excellent Administrators & Administrator of Excellence

As the global quest for effective administrators increases day by day, the resilience of administrative career as an essential part of board and management is increasingly clear and has enhanced the career’s appeal to most CEO’s. Concurrently, as the demand for administrative professionals amongst management’s human capacity needs is reaching unprecedented levels, the need to shape your future and shape your career becomes greater than ever.

Administrators these days are saddled with so many responsibilities as a result of their strategic role and position between the employees and management. Most traditional roles of the management have become part of the basic job description for PA. The success story of every leader, CEO or board begins with and owes a lot to the effective and efficiency of the PA and other administrative professionals within the organsiation.

PA, as well as administrative professionals, must understand how to maintain the top position in this career, manage the boss, deliver value driven service to the organization, maintain good official and networking relationship with colleagues, win difficult service providers, as well as to identify the best career path development and advancement strategies going forward. The Administrators & Soecial Assistant Summit will provide a unique international platform for genuine interaction amongst PA/administrative professionals on one-side and management/board personalities on the other side. This opportunity comes at a crucial time, when the pressures and the demand for effectiveness and efficiency to meet best global practices for administrative professionals, ensuring that their career will thrive, survive and continue sustainable growth for their benefits and the organization define who is an administrator, special assistant or PA; differentiating her from office assistant.

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Our outstanding panel speakers, will include more experienced PA/administrative professionals than any other PA conference, and will also feature central figures from public, private, development agencies sectors, and experts from around the world. You will have the opportunity to discuss and debate with the speakers the most pressing issues in this most important career today, including:

• How to plan, develop and aim higher your career • PA/administrative professionals’ expectations, plans for the future and what they are doing to address key career concerns • Board and Management ’role in easing PA’ fears in promotion and increased office pressures: have the board and management fulfilled their undertakings? • The most workable approach for career path development and advancement, social and financial life balance for a healthy living and optimum result • PA career for the upcoming: are these developments in the career tended to encourage the upcoming administrative professionals, and set the road map to growth in the future for the career?

Previous Administrators & Special Assistant Summit brought together administrators and PA from different countries. If you attended in the past, you already know that this event was the foundation of many key progress and successes you have achieved in your career. This year’s Summit will again bring together more people from different countries, those at the forefront of PA and administrative career in a forum integral to the career’s information sharing, capacity and relationship building.

If you go to just one administrative professional event in 2018, this is the one you cannot afford to miss. Be where your professional colleagues will be on 27 - 31 August, 2018. We look forward to receiving you at the conference in South Africa.

Our appreciation goes to organisations represented at the past summits: Parliament of South Africa, SADC Secretariat, Botswana, First Bank Group, Ghana Community Network Services, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry of Nigeria, Addax Petroleum, First Registrars, River State Micro Finance, Total Health Trust, Brittania-U Oil & Gas, Benue State Polytechnic, Office of the Executive Governor, Kogi State, Standard Alliance Insurance Group, British America Tobacco, Stanbic IBTC Bank, BGL Group, Ecobank Plc, Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, Mobil Plc, Chartered Institute Of Bankers, Shell, Nigerian Railway Corporation, Unity Bank Plc, amongst others.”

We look forward to welcoming you in South Africa.

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